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Welcome to Myndz Badminton

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Welcome to Myndz Badminton

A good Coach can change a game. A great Coach can change a Life.”

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Nafeez and Taran

Congratulations to Nafeez, who secured the coveted Rank 1 in Tamilnadu State Ranking for badminton singles! His exceptional skills and unwavering dedication have truly paid off. Additionally, Nafeez also clinched a commendable Rank 4 in Doubles, showcasing his versatility on the court. Way to go, Nafeez! We are immensely proud of your achievements.

A big shout-out to Taran as well, from the Myndz Badminton Academy, for an outstanding performance. Taran's remarkable talent and hard work earned him an impressive Rank 2 in singles, highlighting his prowess on the badminton court. In addition, Taran secured a commendable Rank 1 in Doubles, further exemplifying his versatility and teamwork. Congratulations, Taran! Your dedication is truly inspiring.

Both Nafeez and Taran have brought immense pride and glory to the Myndz Badminton Academy. Your accomplishments serve as a testament to your passion and commitment to the sport. Keep shining bright, and may your journey in badminton be filled with many more victories and successes. Well done, champions!


Pradeep Profile

Pradeep Bhaskkar

BWF Certified Coach (Badminton World Federation online)

Certified in Sports Management

Mr. Pradeep is a BWF-certified coach with expertise in technical skills and badminton dynamism. As with his ability to play badminton, he also has an excellent ability to provide coaching support and advice, which contributes to his ability to maintain personal and professional relationships with the players. His advanced knowledge in physical and fitness enhancement demonstrates his versatility as a Badminton coach in grooming all players.


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Welcome to Myndz Badminton

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Myndz Badminton Academy – A place that offers a package deal in terms of player development.

Myndz Academy, which was founded in 2017, is the best performing academy in Chennai. Since our inception, we've established a strong presence in the badminton federation, producing several State and National level players, not to mention the recognition of our academy by the Tamil Nadu Badminton Association (TNBA) and the Kanchipuram Badminton Association (KDBA).

The Academy was founded by renowned badminton player Mr.Pradeep Bhaskkar, who is certified by the Badminton World Federation (BWF Online) and is also certified in Sports Management and has 15+ years of experience as a badminton coach.

Our player development process is not limited to training players to excel on the field, but it is also extensive. We believe that being a player is associated with a variety of qualities. With that in mind, we collaborate to provide theoretical knowledge, character development, health and fitness of students, and nutritional intake of students, thereby ensuring a player's wholesomeness.

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"Myndz Badminton is a fantastic place for kids who want to play badminton. Coaching is tailored to the students' abilities and interests, as well as a collaborative effort to get them on the path to success. Good environment, flexible schedule, personal attention, and a highly talented coach with a clear vision. I wish the best of luck in realising your and the team's dreams."

Raja Ramaraj

Taran's Parents

"My son has been a member of Myndz badminton academy for four years. Mr. Pradeep, the head coach, guided him very professionally as a beginner and taught him the fundamentals of the game. My son is now a professional player thanks to the coach's hard work and dedication. Thank you for your guidance and support, Myndz Academy!"

Mr and Mrs Shyam

Tushaar's Parents

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